Subway Live IQ


Subway Live IQ is a cool online tool that helps Subway restaurants keep track of important information. It’s like a special website and app that gives real-time stats to Subway partners and employees. You can find out how well a restaurant is doing in terms of sales, see reports for different times of the day, and even check productivity.

Subway Live IQ

When you log in to the SubwayLiveIQ portal, you’ll find lots of cool features. You can check out reports that show how productive the restaurant is, how many sales it’s making, and important things called KPIs. There’s also a summary called WISR, which is really handy. You can even see when employees come in and leave the restaurant in real time!

One of the best things about Subway Live IQ is that it helps keep track of each individual sale. So, if you’re curious about how much money a restaurant is making from each customer, you can easily find out. You can also see when employees check in and out of the restaurant, which is pretty neat.

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The Subway Live IQ Reporting dashboard is like a big screen that shows lots of important information about the restaurant’s sales. It’s a great way for managers and top employees to stay on top of things. Plus, you can personalize how it looks based on what you like.

In a nutshell, Subway Live IQ is an awesome tool that helps Subway restaurants keep track of their sales and other important stuff. It’s easy to use and gives you all the info you need to make smart decisions. So, whether you’re a restaurant manager or just curious about how things work, Subway Live IQ is here to help!

How Can I Log in to Subway Live IQ Portal? Easy Steps!

Here’s an easy-to-understand guide on how to log in to the Subway Live IQ portal:

  • First, open your web browser and go to This is the website where you can access Subway Live IQ.
  • Now, you need to enter your special username and password that the company gave you. Make sure you type them in correctly!
  • Once you’ve entered your username and password, look for the “Sign In” button. Give it a click, and you’re on your way!

Subway Live IQ Login

  • Woohoo! You’re officially logged in to the Subway Live IQ portal. This is where you can do lots of cool stuff and see important information.
  • By default, the first thing you’ll see is a report called “Store Readings.” It shows you the average numbers for all the Subway restaurants. But hey, if you want to see something else when you log in, you can choose a different homepage.
  • Now, here’s a neat trick. If you click the right arrow on the screen, you’ll see a cool report called “Same Store Sales Ratio Overview.” It compares the sales ratios of different restaurants, which helps you understand how they’re doing.

That’s it! You’ve successfully logged in to Subway Live IQ. Now you can explore all the features and use the portal to make smart decisions for your Subway restaurants. Have fun!

How To Reset Account Password?

Here’s a simple guide on how to reset your Subway Live IQ account password:

  • First, go to the website That’s where you can find the official Subway Live IQ site.
  • On the login page, look for a special menu called “Forgotten your Password.” It’s below the fields where you usually enter your login details.
  • Click on that menu, and it will ask you to enter your email address and Sign-In name. Just type them in correctly!
  • Once you’ve entered your email address and Sign-In name, look for the next button and click on it.

Subway Live IQ Reset Password

  • Now comes the fun part. You need to verify your account by following the instructions on the next page. They might ask you to do some extra steps to make sure it’s really you.
  • After the verification is done, you’ll receive an email with a special link to reset your password. Open the email and click on that link.
  • A new page will appear where you can enter your new password. Choose a password you’ll remember and type it in. Then, type it again to confirm it.
  • Finally, click the “Submit” button, and you’re all set!

Now you can easily recover your Subway Live IQ account by logging into the portal with your username and the new password you just set.

Features of the Subway Live IQ Login Portal

The Subway Live IQ Login Portal has lots of cool features that make it awesome for Subway partners, restaurants, and employees. Check out these ten key features:

  1. Productivity Reports: Get detailed reports that show how well restaurants are doing.
  2. Sales Reports: See awesome reports that tell you all about how much food is being sold at each restaurant.
  3. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Look at important numbers that help tell if a restaurant is doing great or needs some improvements.
  4. WISR Summary: Get a quick view of how different restaurants compare when it comes to sales.
  5. Cashbook Records: Keep track of all the money stuff happening at the restaurants.
  6. Employee Check-in/Check-out Data: Know who’s working when by checking the real-time attendance info.
  7. Productivity Trends: Find out if restaurants are getting better or worse over time by looking at patterns and trends.
  8. Real-time Data: Get the most up-to-date info and cool stats about all the restaurant stuff happening right now.
  9. Individual Sales Transactions: See and study each sale to learn what customers like and how to sell even more.
  10. Customizable Homepage: Make the dashboard look exactly how you want it by personalizing it.
  11. Employee Performance Metrics: Check how well each employee is doing with numbers like sales targets and how happy customers are.
  12. Inventory Management: Keep track of how much food is left to make sure there’s always enough and nothing goes to waste.
  13. Training Resources: Access cool videos and materials to help employees learn and be super good at their jobs.
  14. Customer Feedback Analysis: Find out what customers are saying and use that info to make the restaurant experience even better.
  15. Mobile Accessibility: Use a special app to log in and see everything on your phone or tablet, so you’re always connected even when you’re on the go.

All these features make Subway Live IQ an amazing tool to make Subway restaurants even better and more successful.

How To Set Up A Shortcut For Subway Live IQ Mobile?

Here’s how you can make it super easy to get to Subway Live IQ on your phone:

  1. Open the web browser on your phone and type in in the place where you usually type website addresses.
  2. When the screen with the login stuff pops up, use your Subway Partners username and password to log in. It’s like unlocking a secret code!
  3. After that, a screen called “Welcome to LiveIQ Mobile” will appear. Just tap the “Enter” button on the screen. It’s like saying, “Let’s go!”
  4. If you see the Subway Live IQ logo on the screen, awesome! Tap on it and follow the instructions that come up on the screen. They’ll show you how to add the LiveIQ icon to your phone’s home screen. It’s like having a special button just for Subway Live IQ!

Now you have a shortcut right on your phone to easily get to Subway Live IQ whenever you want. No more typing in long web addresses or searching through apps.

It’s all right there with just a tap. Enjoy exploring Subway Live IQ and managing your Subway restaurant like a pro!

Official Name Subway Live IQ
Country USA
Managed By Subway
Portal Type Login
Used By Subway Restaurants, Managers
Accessible Available in select countries
Purpose Provides real-time data and insights for restaurant management
Features Sales performance tracking, productivity reports, KPI monitoring
User-Friendly Easy-to-use interface for seamless navigation
Mobile Accessibility Accessible through the Subway Live IQ mobile app

Subway Live IQ Administration Module Guide

The Subway Live IQ Administration Module is a powerful tool that enables administrators to efficiently manage various aspects of their Subway restaurant operations.

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the key features and functionalities of the Subway Live IQ Administration Module, empowering you to make the most out of this valuable tool.

Accessing the Subway Live IQ Administration Module

This module explains how to get into the Subway Live IQ Administration Module. It’s like the special website where Subway restaurant managers can do important stuff to run their restaurants smoothly. You need to log in to this website to access all the cool features.

Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard Overview module is like the main page of the website. It shows a summary of important information, like how the restaurant is doing and other cool facts. You can see graphs and numbers that tell you how many customers came, how much money was made, and other interesting things.

Managing Restaurant Information

This module helps you manage important details about the restaurant. You can update things like the address, phone number, and the hours when the restaurant is open. You can also manage the information about the employees who work there.

Inventory Management

This module is all about keeping track of the things you need in the restaurant. You can see how much food, supplies, and other stuff you have in stock. It helps you order more when you’re running low and make sure you always have enough of everything.

Sales and Performance Analysis

This module helps you understand how well the restaurant is doing. It shows you reports about how much money you made each day, week, and month. You can also see things like how many people came to eat and what food they liked the most. This helps you make good decisions for the restaurant.

Menu Management

This module is about managing the menu in the restaurant. You can add new items to the menu, change the prices, and run special promotions. It’s like being in charge of what yummy food people can order at your Subway.

Employee Scheduling

This module helps you plan and keep track of when your employees work. You can create schedules and assign tasks to each employee. It also helps you keep a record of when they come to work and how many hours they work. This makes sure everyone knows when they need to be at the restaurant.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

This module is all about what customers think of your restaurant. You can see what people say about your restaurant on the internet and respond to their feedback. If someone had a problem, you can try to fix it and make them happy.

Support and Troubleshooting

This module helps you when you need help with something. You can find resources to learn more about the different features, and if you have a problem, you can contact support for assistance. They will help you fix any issues you’re having.

Security and Access Control

This module is about keeping everything safe and secure. You can create accounts for people who can access the website and make sure they can only see and do the things they are supposed to. It helps protect important information and make sure only authorized people can use the website.

These modules give Subway restaurant managers lots of cool tools to make their restaurants awesome and successful.


Can I use Subway Live IQ on my phone or tablet?

Yes, you can! Subway Live IQ works on your phone or tablet, so you can manage your restaurant even when you’re not there.

What cool stuff can I do with Subway Live IQ?

Subway Live IQ has lots of cool features! You can keep track of your restaurant’s supplies, see how well it’s doing with sales, manage your menu, schedule employees, and even listen to what customers are saying.

Can I change my restaurant’s opening hours with Subway Live IQ?

Absolutely! Subway Live IQ lets you customize and update your opening hours, so if you need to change your schedule, you can do it easily.

How does Subway Live IQ help with keeping track of supplies?

Subway Live IQ helps you keep an eye on what you have in stock. It lets you order more supplies, receive shipments, and make sure you always have enough for your restaurant.

Can I see how well my restaurant is doing with sales using Subway Live IQ?

Yes, you can! Subway Live IQ gives you reports and cool numbers to show how much money you’re making and if people like your food. You can see trends and figure out what’s working best for your restaurant.

Can I add new items or change the menu using Subway Live IQ?

Absolutely! Subway Live IQ lets you add new tasty items to your menu, change the prices, and run special offers. It’s like being the chef and deciding what yummy things people can eat.

How does Subway Live IQ help with making employee schedules?

Subway Live IQ helps you plan and manage when your employees work. You can create schedules, assign tasks, and keep track of who comes to work and when. It’s like being the boss and making sure everyone knows when to show up.

Can I read what customers think about my restaurant using Subway Live IQ?

Yes, you can! Subway Live IQ lets you see what people are saying about your restaurant. You can read their reviews and respond to their feedback. If someone had a problem, you can try to fix it and make them happy.

What should I do if I have a problem with Subway Live IQ?

If you ever have a problem, don’t worry! Subway Live IQ has help resources that you can check for answers. You can also contact the support team or look for tips to solve common issues.

Is my information safe with Subway Live IQ?

Yes, it is! Subway Live IQ takes your information seriously. They have measures in place to protect your data and make sure only the right people can access it.

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