Subway Menu With Prices In Australia


Subway Menu With Prices In Australia: Welcome to Subway Australia, where exquisite Flavors and fresh ingredients combine to create a cuisine that will satisfy your hunger.

Whether you’re a fan of our renowned subs or want to try something different, the Subway Australia menu has something for everyone.

We at Subway Australia are committed to provide wholesome cuisine at costs that are affordable for all.

Subway Menu With Prices In Australia

There are many options On our extensive menu, all of Which were carefully crafted to accommodate various tastes and dietary requirements.

There are many options available, including both time-tested favorites and mouthwatering new food, that will tempt you to come back for more.

Subway Menu With Prices In Australia

The vast array of subs, wraps, salads and sides on the Australian Subway menu are freshly prepared each day using top-quality ingredients.

Customers Can create their dream meal with a focus on customization by choosing from a selection of protein options, bread types, sauces, and toppings.

Whether a vegetarian or a meat eater, everyone can Find something they like at Subway.

Subway Footlong

Subway Menu With Prices In Australia


Subway Menu With Prices In Australia

Subway Six Inch

Subway Menu With Prices In Australia


Subway Menu With Prices In Australia

Breakfast Menu

Subway Menu With Prices In Australia

Sides Menu

Subway Menu With Prices In Australia

Salads Menu

Subway Menu With Prices In Australia


Subway Menu With Prices In Australia

Kids Pak

Subway Menu With Prices In Australia

Most Popular items on Subway Menu in Australia

Customers in Australia are still delighted by Subway’s extensive menu and flexible alternatives.

There is something to satisfy every palate, from the meaty richness of the Italian B.M.T. to the crisp and crunchy Veggie Delite.

Whether You’re a vegetarian, a health-conscious person, or a meat eater, Subway’s success in Australia is a reflection of its capacity to satisfy a variety of gastronomic preferences.

European B.M.T.:

In Australia, the Italian B.M.T. (Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest) is a perennial favorite among fans of the sandwich chain.

This savory masterpiece offers a flavorful explosion with each mouthful thanks to its enticing Filling of Genoa salami, pepperoni, and ham.

You can create a dish that appeals to clients by including their favorite fresh vegetables and sauces.

Tofu Teriyaki:

The Chicken Teriyaki sub is a Popular option for people who are hankering for a taste of the Orient.

Freshly baked bread is served with grilled tender chicken strips that have been marinated in a sweet and sour teriyaki sauce.

The Chicken Teriyaki has become a Popular Subway item in Australia thanks to this exquisite mix of tastes and textures.

Marinara meatballs:

In Australia, the Meatball Marinara sub has won the hearts of many fans of satisfying comfort cuisine.

It’s a dish for Sheer indulgence: succulent meatballs cooked in a hearty marinara sauce, topped with melted cheese, and served on warm, toasted bread.

You can make a filling and flavorful supper by serving it with your favorite vegetables and sauces.

Metro Club:

For those looking For a less filling but still gratifying meal, The Subway Club is a go-to option.

This Sub is a Protein-rich Pleasure since it is loaded with Premium, Oven-roasted turkey breast, delicate roast beef, and slices of ham.

It’s a favorite among health-conscious Subway fans thanks to freshly baked bread, crunchy vegetables, and a variety of sauces that add the ideal finishing touch.

Vegan Delight:

The Veggie Delite sub has earned a well-deserved place on the list of Subway Australia’s most popular items by meeting the rising demand for vegetarian options.

On your choice of bread, a creative medley of crisp, fresh vegetables—including lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions—is assembled.

This Sub offers a filling and healthy Experience with a large selection of vegetarian-friendly sauces to pick from.


The Popular tuna sub, renowned for its creamy and Delicious filling, completes our list.

This sandwich, Which is made with flaked tuna mixed with mayonnaise and topped with a variety of fresh vegetables, gives a distinctive flavor.

The tuna sub is a well-liked option For seafood lovers and anyone searching for a lighter alternative, whether it is eaten cold or toasted.

The Best Sub Combos in Australia

Hey, We understand. Everyone has a unique method for assembling their favorite sub.

While your friend could like white bread, you might like Italian Herbs & Cheese Bread. But If that’s the Case, it’s time to make some new Friends.

Some of you might smother it in juicy jalapenos and adore it spicy, while others might cringe at the sight of having one spicy vegetable in their lips.

But even so, there are a few key components that Australians frequently favor over the other items on the Subway menu.

Subway Menu With Prices In Australia

Four stand out in particular:

  • BMT Italian
  • Meatball
  • Cheese & Steak
  • Tofu Teriyaki

When speaking with folks who frequently eat at Subway, these four key elements are frequently cited as some of the greatest.

Of Course, that doesn’t mean You have to like them simply because other people do.

If cost is not a concern, We advise that You sample as many different subs as you can, pick a few of your favorites, and stick with them.

We ponder why not try them all because several of the subs are now available in the 6 inch format for $5.

Subway $5 Menu In Australia

There May be a $5 menu At Subway Australia that features a selection of subs and sides that cost $5 or less.

The Following items are a few samples of what might be on the $5 menu:

  • Every day of the week, a different sub is available for $5 as the $5 Sub of the Day.
  • $5 Footlong: A Variety of subs are offered for $5 a footlong.
  • $5 Side: A selection of sides, including cookies, chips, and beverages, that are Priced at $5 or less.
  • Breakfast items that cost $5 or less include a selection of subs and sandwiches

It’s important to keep in mind that menu items and Prices may vary from location to location and change over time.

You can check their website or Phone the Store that is closest to you to confirm the menu’s availability and alternatives.

Subway Platter Menu In Australia

Subway Australia offers a catering menu specifically designed for gatherings and celebrations.

Let’s look at a Few samples of what you might discover on the catering menu:

We first provide sandwich platters, which are ideal for sharing among guests because they include a variety of freshly produced subs cut into bite-sized pieces.

Also available in large bowls, our salad bowls come in a selection of fresh and tasty salads that are perfect for sharing at gatherings.

Additionally, we provide full bundles that include subs, sides, and drinks at a reduced cost as part of our sub-meal specials.

we provide dessert platters with a variety of delicious Cookies and brownies that are sure to suit every palate For those with a sweet craving.

Additionally, we can customize our platters to meet the specific requirements of your event, offering options such as meat, veggie, or mixed platters.

It’s important to remember that the availability of catering menu items, as well as their costs, might alter over time and depending on the area.

In order to confirm the availability and options on our catering menu, we advise visiting our website or calling the Subway Australia restaurant that is the closest to you.

Subway Catering Menu In Australia

For gatherings and celebrations, Subway Australia Offers a catering menu. Following are a few samples of what might be on the catering menu:

  • Sandwich trays: A variety of freshly cooked subs that are chopped into bite-sized pieces and great for sharing.
  • Salad bowls: A variety of salads are available in big bowls that can be shared.
  • Sub meal packages: Discounted packages that contain subs, sides, and drinks.
  • Platters of desserts: a variety of cookies and brownies
  • Platters: You can order personalized platters for your occasion, such as vegetarian, meat, or a mix of both.

It’s important to keep in mind that the prices and availability of the catering menu items may vary by location and Change over time.

You can check their website or phone the location that is closest to you to confirm the options and availability of their catering menu.

 The Rise Of Subway In Australia

Australia got Its First Subway in 1988, and since then, the chain has grown quickly. It has become one of the Most Popular Fast food chains in the country in just a Few years.

Health-conscious Australians appreciate that Subway focuses on serving fresh, healthy foods that can be customized to order.

One reason why Subway is So popular in Australia is that it is In many handy places, like airports, shopping centers, and service stations.

Because Of this, it has become a popular choice among Australians who are always on the go.

Subway Hours

Day Time
Monday  8 am–9 pm
Tuesday  8 am–9 pm
Wednesday  8 am–9 pm
Thursday  8 am–9 pm
Friday  8 am–9 pm
Saturday  8 am–9 pm
Sunday 10 am–8 pm

Subway Menu With Prices In Australia Near Me

Subway’s Customer Service For Australia

  • Head Office Address: Level 1/42 Amelia St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia
  • Phone: +61 1800 630 355

About Subway in Australia

Yes, sub means “submarine.” How Do we know? Because this exact sentence started the “eat fresh” campaign more than 50 years ago:

Those were the words a nuclear scientist, Dr. Peter Buck, said to a younger college student. The plan was that Fred DeLuca would open this shop to pay for his college.

He did Pay for it, and a lot more.

Pete’s Super Submarines opened in 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, pioneering the concept of made-to-order sandwiches as the first place to offer such a service.

Faster than Fortnite, word got out about how good their sandwiches were, and by 1974, they had 16 sites.

Over the next 40 years, Franchising took off, and now there are nearly 44,000 locations in 112 countries feeding millions of hungry people every day.

There are about 1,400 Subway shops in Australia, all of which sell their 6-inch and footlong subs for very low prices to anyone who asks.

Subway Australia is still growing and improving their service to the local market. They are Also trying to keep their prices competitive with the other fast food chains.

Leave a comment below if You have any questions about the Subway menu or how much their sandwiches cost.

Final Words

Subway is a well-liked option in Australia because of its dedication to Offering fresh and healthful fast food options.

The brand has cultivated a devoted following among Australians who prioritize making healthy food decisions, thanks to its emphasis on personalization, convenience, and sustainability.

Subway is probably going to continue to be a top option for fresh and healthy fast food in Australia with over 1,300 locations nationally.

 Subway Menu With Prices In Australia – FAQ


How much does a footlong sub cost in Australia?

In Australia, the Price of a footlong sub depends on what’s inside and Where you buy it. Most Foot-long subs will cost between $8.50 and $10.50 on average.

Do Subway prices vary across different locations in Australia?

Yes, Prices can be a little different at different Subway sites In Australia because of things like the cost of living in the area and the cost of running the business.

Are there any breakfast options on the Subway menu in Australia?

Yes, Subway in Australia has breakfast options. Most Food items, like the Bacon and Egg or Ham, Cheese, and Tomato subs, cost between $5.50 and $9.50.

Are there any vegan or vegetarian options available on the Subway menu in Australia?

Yes, Subway has many vegan and vegetarian choices, such as the Veggie Delite, Vegan Patty, and beyond meatball subs. Prices run From $5.95 to $10.95 for these choices.

What are the prices for Subway cookies in Australia?

In Australia, a Subway Cookie Generally costs between $1.20 and $1.95.

What are the prices for Subway’s 6-inch Subs in Australia?

Depending On the filling, most 6-inch Subs in Australia cost between AUD $7.50 and AUD $9.50.

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