Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai (UAE)


If You’re in the United Arab Emirates and want a burger, You might want to check out the Subway menu. Most Of the sandwich Choices are the same As in the United States, but there are a few that stand out.

In the Spicy Italian sub, For Example, Chicken is used instead of Pepperoni, and in the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, cucumber is used instead of lettuce.

Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai

The UAE also has some sandwiches that You can’t get in the U.S., like the Chicken Alarji, Which has spicy garlic sauce, Chicken and veggies, and the Shrimp BLT, which has shrimp, bacon, lettuce and tomato.

So If You’re tired of Your regular turkey on Wheat Sandwich or just want to try something new, check out Subway’s Menu in the UAE.

Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai

The renowned sandwich business Subway is regarded as the greatest restaurant in Dubai. It is challenging to compete with because of its wide variety of delicious offerings.

In addition to its tantalizing regular subs, Subway offers a variety Of delectable salads, wraps, and other options.

The top products on the Subway menu are described in this article, which also examines the abundance of selections in Dubai.

Footlong Meals Menu

Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai

6 Inch Meals Menu

Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai

Signature Wraps Menu

Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai


Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai

Breakfast Menu

Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai

Footlong Sandwich Menu

Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai

Signature Salads Menu

Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai


Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai

Subway Savers

Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai

Breakfast Menu

Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai

Catering And Platters Menu

Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai

Side Orders Menu

Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai

Drinks Menu

Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai

Subway Menu In Dubai(UAE) Nutrition Information

Menu Item Calories Protein (g) Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g)
6″ Veggie Delite 230 8 3.5 44
6″ Chicken Teriyaki 380 22 5.5 56
6″ Subway Club 320 18 7 42
6″ Italian B.M.T. 410 24 9 45
6″ Turkey Breast 280 18 4 46
6″ Tuna 480 20 25 48
6″ Steak & Cheese 380 24 10 45
Veggie Patty 210 9 4.5 38
Roasted Chicken 320 23 6 42
Meatball Marinara 480 21 24 46
Spicy Italian 450 24 10 47
Chicken & Bacon Ranch 540 28 26 47

Overview of Subway Menu In UAE

Let’s look at the variety of choices on the Subway menu before getting into the costs.

Customers can freely modify their salads and sandwiches, resulting in a unique dining experience. The Subway menu’s components are broken down as follows:

Subway Menu In Dubai

Breads available:

At Subway, selecting the bread is the First step in creating the ideal sandwich.

Customers have a variety of options to suit their tastes and nutritional preferences, ranging from traditional options like Italian bread and honey oat to healthier alternatives like whole wheat and multigrain.

Optional Proteins:

Next is the protein selection, where clients have a variety of choices, including tasty turkey, delicate beef, and succulent chicken.

For those seeking plant-based alternatives, there are vegetarian Options like falafel and veggie patties.

Veggies and cheese:

Without a coating of rich, delectable cheese and a rainbow of fresh vegetables, the Subway experience is lacking.

The Options are unlimited with selections like cheddar, mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives.

Dressings and sauces:

Finally, Subway Offers a variety of delicious sauces and dressings that range from acidic to sweet and spicy.

These Condiments enhance the Flavor of salads and sandwiches, whether you choose a fiery vinaigrette or traditional mayonnaise.

Subway Catering And Platters Menu In UAE

In the UAE, Subway frequently provides a range of platters, including choices like:

a variety of different traditional subs, typically divided into smaller portions for sharing.

Signature Wrap Platter: An assortment of wraps in various flavors and fillings.

Salad Platter: A variety of light, nutritious salads that are ideal for vegetarians or others looking for healthier options.

Breakfast platter: A selection of breakfast sandwiches or subs, perfect for early meetings or get-togethers.

A variety of their delectable cookies on a platter, perfect for sating a sweet tooth.

Remember that Subway frequently rolls out new items and one-time deals, so the menu selections may change depending on the place and time.

I advise visiting the official Subway website or getting in touch with a nearby Subway restaurant in the UAE if you want the most precise and current information.

Subway Sandwich Menu In UAE

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Subway boasts a great, diversified menu that Appeals to a range of tastes and Preferences. Sandwich enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers alike choose it because of the wide selection of fresh and versatile salads, wraps, and submarine sandwiches on the menu.

Customers at Subway UAE can choose from a variety of breads, including Italian, honey oat, multigrain, and more.

Then, customers have a vast selection of fillings to Choose from, such as chicken tikka, tuna, turkey, roast beef, and veggies. customers can choose from a selection of Cheeses, sauces, and toppings to create the perfect sub.

Subway has a delicious range of salads with fresh greens and components high in protein for people looking for lighter options.

They Also Provide delicious wraps, which are a terrific alternative to sandwiches when traveling.

Subway Online Order In UAE

You can order online from Subway and have your food brought to you. You can order from Subway online at any time of the day or night, even for the best sandwiches and plates.

Subway has food for every event. Taste the best tastes and eat tasty food. You can have Subway bring food to your house.

The best quality can be found at the lowest prices. All you need to order a Subway dish is the website.

Then, you must call your neighborhood shop to make sure they got your order. You Can also buy food online or through an app. Like,, etc.

Subway Hours In UAE

Days Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 08:00 Am 12:00 Am
Tuesday 08:00 Am 12:00 Am
Wednesday 08:00 Am 12:00 Am
Thursday 08:00 Am 12:00 Am
Friday 08:00 Am 12:00 Am
Saturday 08:00 Am 12:00 Am
Sunday 08:00 am 8:00 pm

 Near Me Location

Subway UAE Customer Services

Subway UAE’s Contact Us page.

Email: [email protected]

In the majority of Subway restaurants, Subway typically opens late in the morning and shuts late at night.

  • Abu Dhabi Subway: 8:00 am – 07:00 pm (📞Phone: +971 50 132 4264)
  • Dubai Subway: 10:00 am – 12:00 am (📞Phone: +971 4 340 7667)
  • Sharjah Subway: open 24 hours (📞Phone: +971 6 527 6508)


The Excellent menu at Subway in Dubai combines freshness, flavor, and diversity to satisfy a range of palates and preferences.

Wraps, subs, and salads are all available at Subway, so no one needs to leave hungry.

Due to its reasonable rates, family-friendly alternatives, and healthy menu options, Subway stands out as a great choice for a fun and inexpensive dining experience in Dubai.

FAQ – Subway Menu With Prices In Dubai


Does Subway offer delivery services in Dubai?

Yes, many Subway locations in Dubai offer delivery through famous delivery apps. This makes it easy to enjoy their tasty food At home or at work.

Are there vegetarian options available on Subway’s menu in Dubai?

Absolutely! Subway has a lot of vegetarian choices, like the popular Veggie Delite Sub and a number of wraps and salads filled with vegetables.

Are there any special deals or promotions available at Subway in Dubai?

Subway often offers deals and promotions like combo deals, discounts, and holiday specials to give their customers more value.

Are there any exclusive sandwiches only available in Dubai?

Subway does really sell the Spicy Shawarma sandwich, which is only available in Dubai. It includes regional Shawarma ingredients, making it a special treat for locals and guests.

Can I earn rewards or points through the Subway app in Dubai?

Yes, there is a rewards Program in the Subway App that allows you to earn points for every transaction you make. These points can be used for special bargains and offers.

Are the Subway cookies freshly baked?

Yes, subway offers freshly baked cookies that are a fantastic dessert choice.

Does Subway offer any regional-specific sandwiches in Dubai?

Yes, Subway provides sandwiches in some areas that are influenced by regional tastes and preferences. These regionally distinct choices give the standard menu a distinctive spin.

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